10 Holiday Gift ideas for Him – 2020 Edition

The holidays are creeping up and you know what that means—the gift-giving season is here. When thinking about gifts, finding something for family and friends is never quite as stressful as picking the perfect gift for your significant other. 

Just like you, different grooms (and husbands) have different hobbies and interests, and taking those into consideration is important. We have compiled a list of the best gifts you could get for your man to make him feel just as special on Christmas as he does every day when he wakes up next to you!

10 Holiday Gift ideas for Him

1. Couples Massage 

No matter what type of man he is, every groom will love a steamy couples massage and a chance to decompress with the love of his life. This is also a great way of supporting local small businesses during the holiday season this year. Not to mention YOU win with this gift as well!

2. Tickets to an Event

Whether he’s a big music guy or sports fanatic, event tickets are an amazing way to make his Christmas special. Plus, you’ll have an excuse to plan a separate date night around the event. Any event tickets are easy to find on StubHub. With social distancing regulations in 2020 looking like they will extend into 2021, there are actually a lot of fun live events to attend that take this into consideration.

3Plan a Day Trip to a Winery 

Wherever you’re located, plan a nice day trip and go wine tasting with your man. There’s nothing more romantic than walking through the vineyard, tasting fresh wine and spending a day making sure you get quality time with the man of your dreams. Though wine tours don’t always require reservations, call and make yours as early as possible, because wineries are busy during the holidays! 

4. Personalized Cufflinks   

Is your special day still coming up? Get your groom personalized cufflinks with a sweet message from you, the date of your wedding, or whatever will make him think of you on that special day. This is a great holiday gift to help settle nerves on the wedding day and hold onto memories for years to come. Check out these custom cufflinks on Etsy.

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5. A Personalized Painting

Want a tangible item you can get for him that keeps on giving? Try a personalized, hand-painted picture of you both. Choose a photo you both love and find a local artist who paints portraits on commission! This thoughtful gift will truly demonstrate your love for each other, and you can hang it in your home or frame it on the dresser as the last thing you see every night. 

6. A Streaming Subscription to ESPN

Does your man love sports? Well why not gift him with a subscription to ESPN so he can have access to his favorite teams and showdowns around the clock? With most people ditching local cable these days streaming subscriptions are providing customers access to local and nonlocal content they might not otherwise be able to access.

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7. Wireless charger and UV Cleaner

Because who doesn’t love cool new and practical technology? This wireless charger not only charges, but it sanitizes your phone with a UV light! Talk about a practical holiday gift idea.

8. Manscaped Subscription

You heard right—Manscaped. This company has taken men’s "private" grooming to a whole new level in a fun and practical way. Get your man the subscription he had no idea he needed when you enroll him with Manscaped and help support cancer early detection in men. He will get a trimmer, lotions, powders and all kinds of fun products to keep him fresh—and manly

9. Subscription to Taster’s Club

While we are talking subscriptions, if your man loves him a good whiskey or bourbon every now and then this is the gift for him. Gift him the chance to try something new every month. You can pick 3- 12 months with no auto renew (this is a perk), and you can pick spirits or wine depending on his preference.

10. A Luxury Belt or wallet

Let’s face it. Men like nice things too! So, this holiday season why not gift him something fancy? Our go-to items are wallets or belts (as long as you know his waist size). Both are timeless and functional gifts. So splurge a little and grab him one from his favorite (or your favorite) designer.


Of course, this list could go on and on, but we hope this gets you inspired about starting your holiday shopping for that special man in your life. Have more good ideas for holiday shopping for him? Let us know in the comments.


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December 07, 2020 — Katie Platt
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