5 Wedding gifts for the couple

2020 was a very challenging year and the special couple had to scale down their wedding, reschedule, cancel or all of the above right?  You want to give them something to say congratulations and hey you guys made it thru a challenging year! You have wracked your brain on how to give them an extra special gift or everything on the registry is already taken....is that where you are?  No worries we have you covered with our top five gifts to WOW that special couple and they will remember your gift for years to come.  


1. Spoonful of Comfort---Ya'll seriously this is a great gift idea!  Picture it they are coming back from the honeymoon relaxed but perhaps jet lagged and no food at the house.  Imagine them arriving at their home to a box of spoonful of comfort.  This care package comes with soup, bread and cookies!  They also have a few extras to customize your box.  This will be a heartwarming and delicious memory for the special couple. Check them out and get 10% off your first order, Spoonful of Comfort.


2. Ferro Designs--They have the best lamps, light fixtures and home decor.  We have six of their lamps and WOW---we get compliments every single time guests enter our homes.  Just picture it, one of the repurposed architectural elements in the newlywed's home.  Each time they admire the beauty, they will think of you.  Check out this family owned business, Ferro Designs, trust us you will be the best wedding gift giver!!  

3. Swimwear---Ok hear me out on this, most couples are opting for a beach honeymoon and we have captured all the wedding day details into our swimsuits and coverups so they bride can feel just as special on her honeymoon as the wedding day!  I know you are thinking but I don't know her size, we thought of that and have a registry..yes a registry for swimwear.  Click on our blog on How to Create a Wish List for Bliss-On and have the bride create her complete honeymoon look. This is a great gift for bridesmaids to go in together or for the mother/mother in law looking to gift the bride something extra special.  

4. Land's End No Iron Sheets--What sheets for a wedding gift?  Yes sheets and these are the best sheets you will ever find!  Now I don't iron my sheets, total respect if you do, but the great thing about these sheets is that you don't have to!  This is the perfect gift for the special couple.  These sheets are so soft and have a sateen finish plus did I mention you don't have to iron them!  This is a great gift to go in with a group. 


5.Personalized Charcuterie Board-This is a wildy popular gift and a great way to send the couple a beautiful personalized board.  They have several fonts and designs to pick from and fast shipping.  I recently gave a couple one and they raved about it, plus it featured the year they were married!


Whatever you decide, we know the special couple will appreciate it!  

About Bliss-On

Bliss-On is a curated bridal swimwear and accessories brand. Our swimsuitscover-ups and bridal swimwear accessories are designed with the bride in mind and our designer Kat has incorporated all the wedding day details into our swimsuits to bring the wedding day feel into your honeymoon.  Whether you are looking for a classic white swimsuit, bride bathing suit or bride swimsuit, or a complete bridal inspired swimwear look, we have you covered.  We have swimsuits for the bachelorette party, wedding party swimsuitsbride and bridesmaid swimsuits, the honeymoon or your special anniversary beach trip. We want you to feel just as special as you did on your wedding day.


January 15, 2021 — Katie Platt