Honeymoons do not have to be canceled due to COVID-19
Honeymoons do not have to be canceled due to COVID-19...just reimagined to be safer and more responsible!

Contributing article by: Alison Oxford | Luxury Travel Advisor

Travel restrictions, quarantine rules, and negative test requirements have changed the way that honeymooners are traveling, but in return, many areas are less crowded, guest capacity has been limited to allow for more social distancing, and remarkably innovative health and safety protocols have been developed to help ease your mind both on airplanes and in hotels and resorts. These factors have led to couples feeling safer during their honeymoons than they have in their own towns and cities!  

By far, the most frequent question I have received from clients since the beginning of the pandemic is “what are we going to do about our honeymoon?”, and I have been able to guide these clients to the best options for them based on what they view as most important for their honeymoons. Some honeymoon clients are choosing to wait until their dream destination is open to visiting again, but many have decided to go ahead and safely visit areas that are open now and not wait any longer. With the option to have a short celebratory mini-moon now and a longer honeymoon later or a full honeymoon now in one of the areas or destinations currently open to visitors, the possibilities are greater than you might think!  

When honeymooning during the COVID-19 pandemic, understanding that restrictions and requirements may change at any time and having the ability to pivot and be flexible are crucial. This is where working with a travel advisor proves to be invaluable. I receive daily updates from destinations all over the world and have personal contacts on the ground in all areas to help me guide my clients through the process of traveling during this ever-changing pandemic. Once clients are comfortable with being flexible and with trusting me to help them every step of the way, the fun begins in designing their safe honeymoon! 

Because being outdoors and practicing safe social distancing are two of the major keys to staying healthy and traveling responsibly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the options that I recommend for my clients are each based around these factors and include luxurious ranch resorts full of outdoor activities, immersive hotels or high-end glamping in our national parks, beautiful hotels with plenty of space perched high upon Big Sur, private island resorts with a tiny number of guests on the clear blue ocean, or even an exciting ski honeymoon made much safer this year with new protocols at most ski resorts. These are just a few of the possibilities located within the United States!  

In addition to exploring the United States during your honeymoon, many international destinations are open to visitors and have been wonderful options for my honeymoon clients this year. Just a few favorites are Mexico, the islands of St. Lucia, St. Barth, or Turks & Caicos, much of Africa (because you can’t socially distance any better than on a wide-open African safari!), French Polynesia, and the Maldives. Destinations are re-opening every week it seems, and these are just a few of the growing international honeymoon possibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Thinking about honeymooning during the pandemic is undoubtedly overwhelming, which is why I am here acting not only as your honeymoon designer but also as your advocate. Taking the stress out of changing restrictions and requirements and recommending honeymoon options that may have never crossed your mind is exactly what I do every single day. All while guiding you to be as safe, healthy, and responsible as possible. 

Alison Oxford | Luxury Travel Advisor
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