How to Create a Wish List on

One of the greatest ways to figure out your Bliss-On outfit is to dream about it on the Bliss-On Wishlist page. Creating a wishlist on Bliss-On is also a great way to help your loved ones get you exactly what you want for your bridal shower.

How to Create A Wishlist:

First, you need to log-in or create an account on

Next, you will navigate to the item you want to add to your list and click on the heart icon next to the word wishlist. 

Once the item has been successfully added to your list you will see a pop up in the bottom right of the page letting you know it has been added to your list.

Your Bliss-On wishlist lets you create different combinations of swimwear, cover-ups, and accessories to see the different styles and combinations you might want. Once you’re ready for purchase, you can add them to the cart and if you’re not convinced can simply delete them from the wishlist.

If you are looking to share your list, simply click the share icon and share your dream bridal swimwear attire from swimwear to accessories with your friends and family. 

Making it easy for your loved ones to gift you exactly what you have selected for your post wedding day look!

Now, what are you waiting for? Have some fun and create your very own Bliss-On wishlist today. 

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