National Recycling Day

National Recycling Day

National Recycling Day is Sunday, Nov. 15, and on this day we are encouraged to purchase recycled products and to recycle more. Why not celebrate with a special gift from Bliss-On! Use the code RECYCLE2020 and get a free reusable Bliss bag with your purchase.

Bliss-On focuses not only on the highest and best quality products for consumers, but also on continuing to create a more sustainable environment for appreciating and preserving the world.

Bliss-On began its production journey by looking for a sustainable swimwear manufacturer. We ended up using Line Aqua, a high-quality swimwear manufacturer who uses environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.

All of our Bliss-On swimwear is created with premium double-lined ECONYL® recycled fabric. This eco-friendly, Italian stretch fabric is known for its consistent color continuity, lightweight texture, and excellent recovery characteristics. It also is resistant to chlorine, sun creams and oils.

Using recycled fabric is not only sustainable for Bliss-On and the environment, but it also gives brides protection from the sun and the highest quality of swimwear for lasting a lifetime.

Let's work together to save the world. If every single person creates a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, National Recycling Day will be an everyday thing. This is good for the planet—and for us.

Don't forget! Use the code RECYCLE2020 and get a FREE reusable Bliss bag with your purchase.

About Bliss-On

Bliss-On is a curated bridal swimwear and accessories brand. Our swimsuits, cover-ups and bridal swimwear accessories are designed with the bride in mind and our designer Kat has incorporated all the wedding day details into our swimsuits to bring the wedding day feel into your honeymoon.  Whether you are looking for a classic white swimsuit, bride bathing suit or bride swimsuit, or a complete bridal inspired swimwear look, we have you covered.  We have swimsuits for the bachelorette party, wedding party swimsuitsbride and bridesmaid swimsuits, the honeymoon or your special anniversary beach trip. We want you to feel just as special as you did on your wedding day.

November 12, 2020 — Katie Platt