Tips for Styling Your Post Wedding Day Look!

Styling your post-wedding day Honeymoon look 

The day after your wedding might be one of the most exhausting yet exciting days of your life. You are now married and ready to embark on a new journey with your partner. After all the celebrations, if your idea of unwinding is right next to a beautiful beach, lake (or even resort pool!) you deserve beautiful swimwear from Bliss-On by Kat Platt. At the end of the day, all of the preparation and planning that goes into planning your wedding should never just disappear overnight.

Bliss-On has delicately picked out and mix-matched the brand’s swimwear and accessories to make you different looks, to embody the different styles you might want to enjoy the day after your wedding. With these in mind, you get to utilize your sense of fashion and enjoy the design of classic and elegant swimsuits inspired by the unique look of the details of a bride’s wedding gown.

Here are four looks that will make the bride feel just as special in their swimwear look as just as much as your wedding gown:

For the Classic Look:

The Anna is as classic as it is versatile. This beautiful one-piece, white swimsuit has a perfectly scooped neckline and sexy, lace down the back. We would obviously pair such a delicate piece with the Tasseled Bliss-On Monogrammed Sarong, that way, you may show off the beautiful lace down the back it comes with. The cover-up is a very versatile piece. It comes in a just sheer enough fabric that is edged completely around in fun white tassels. It is the perfect grab and go sophisticated cover-up that you may want. But it doesn’t end there, accentuate the waist with the Brilliance Bridal Belt. Inspired by the sparkle of a dazzling and well-cut diamond right, this belt is the perfect accessory to dress-up your one-piece and add the perfect touch of bridal flair and a little bit of bling.

For the Flirty Look:

The Hadley Top and The Hadley Bottom is flirty with a lot of sass. The bikini top is versatile in coverage and ties at the neck and around the back. The great part about it is that you can open at the center to show more skin or close it for more coverage. The bikini bottom features a trendy high waist finish and has beautiful gathers for the flirty look you’re aiming for. Bliss-On would pair this with the Long Embroidered Bridal Cover-Up which makes every bride feel like they’re in their gown all over again. It features an embroidered motif on soft mesh fabric with delicate scalloped edging. The attached belt allows you to die in the front for more coverage or in the back if you prefer to leave it open to show off your bikini top and bottom. To top it off, add the Blooms Bridal Belt inspired by the beautiful blooms of a bride’s bouquet. This is the perfect accessory to dress-up your swimwear and add the perfect touch of bridal flair. Each individual flower is accentuated by rhinestones for the perfect amount of bling in your attire.

For the Elegant Look:

When Bliss-On thinks of elegance, The Elsa Top and The Elsa Bottom come to mind. The bikini top features an exquisite V-shaped neckline that ties at the neck and the back. It features an elegant, embossed lace motif that adds the perfect touch of sophistication for a beautiful day in the sun. The bikini bottom is a skimpier option with beautiful knot details and an elegant, embossed lace style. Pair the bikini with the Soft Lace Wrap Bridal Cover-Up. The lace fabric is soft and featured scalloped lace edged detail and belt closure. The sleeves have an elegant bell shape with a gorgeous, fathered detail. While wearing this cover-up, there is definitely a lot of heads that will turn to see how much it accentuates the body and the swimwear you pair it with. The Bliss Blooms are as elegant as they are fun. Each individual bloom easily snaps on to accessorize the swimsuit in a variety of ways. Use a single bloom for a classic look or stack them for a bolder statement. The set is sold in sets of two, but get as many as you think will match your beautiful swimsuit and personality.

For the Confident Look:

Last but certainly not the least, The Bailey is bold and beautiful. This one-piece will leave you feeling like your most confident self. The swimsuit features a deep plunge neckline detailed with a classic clean ruffled edge that ties at the neck. The sexy back has a perfectly scooped edge with medium coverage. Top this with the Maxi Skirt Bridal Cover-Up, one that will make you feel confident and gorgeous. It can be worn around the waist or tied under the arms for a totally different looks every single time. It’s versatile as it is soft for the most comfortable wear. To top it all off, the Brilliance Bridal Belt makes a comeback. As it was mentioned, it is inspired by the sparkle of a dazzling diamond and is the perfect accessory to dress-up the one-piece. 

The great thing about all the swimwear: it is made from eco-friendly fine Italian fabric, it is chlorine and sunblock resistant, double-lined for ultimate coverage and has removable pads for the best care you can give it.

But remember: Don’t be afraid to mix and match the outfits that are above, you never know what best fits your style and body for the perfect post-wedding day look. If you’re ready to show it off, tag us on Instagram for us to see.

About Bliss-On

Bliss-On is a curated bridal swimwear and accessories brand. Our swimsuits, cover-ups and bridal swimwear accessories are designed with the bride in mind and our designer Kat has incorporated all the wedding day details into our swimsuits to bring the wedding day feel into your honeymoon.  Whether you are looking for a classic white swimsuit, bride bathing suit or bride swimsuit, or a complete bridal inspired swimwear look, we have you covered.  We have swimsuits for the bachelorette party, wedding party swimsuitsbride and bridesmaid swimsuits, the honeymoon or your special anniversary beach trip. We want you to feel just as special as you did on your wedding day.

November 17, 2020 — Katie Platt