best winter honeymoon destinations in the world

Are you thinking about having a non-traditional honeymoon? A winter honeymoon may be the magical experience you’re looking for. Nothing will bring you closer (literally) than snuggling on a cold winter’s night. 

There’s something magical about gazing out at a perfect snow covered scene. Perhaps even better are the winter amenities you can enjoy: Hot toddies, warm fires, skiing, mountain lodges, hot tubs, and natural hot springs. 

In this post, we are going to take you to 7 of the best places to go for your winter honeymoon. Strap in, let’s go!

1) Switzerland


Winter honeymoon seekers will have a hard time finding a more romantic honeymoon destination than Gstaad, Switzerland, Surrounded by the Swiss Alps, Gstaad is a fairytale upscale resort town oozing beauty and adventure. Cozy up with your lover in a hot tub while gazing at the majestic mountains or take off on the trails that surround you.

If you’re looking for things to do, you’ll find epic skiing, Michelin star dining, and luxury boutiques throughout the city. Check out Gstaad Palace for your luxurious winter honeymoon getaway in Gstaad, Switzerland. 

2) Iceland

Best Iceland winter honeymoon destination

Iceland. It even sounds cold! But think about this; you and your newly wed partner waltzing your way into a hot, natural spring. Iceland is full of them, and they are majestic. After you get cozy and relaxed in the hot springs, Iceland offers a spectacle of winter honeymoon activities like visiting the awe-inspiring glaciers, traveling down unbelievable ice caves, and gazing into the wonders of the Northern Lights at night. 

Iceland is one of our top choices for your winter honeymoon destination. You won’t regret the adventure and memories made in Iceland.

3) Colorado

Best Colorado Winter Honeymoon Destination

For a local winter honeymoon (for us Americans), Colorado is a no-brainer destination choice. With some of the most beautiful winter landscapes anywhere in the world, Colorado offers winter honeymoon seekers everything they need for an unforgettable experience celebrating their new adventure of life together. 

Throughout the Rocky mountains, you’ll find secluded cabins, quaint winter resorts like Aspen, world-class skiing, and even natural hot springs at Dunton Hot Springs. Throw in all the amenities like fine dining and luxury resorts, Colorado is a top winter honeymoon destination on our list.

4) Norway

Best Tromso Norway Winter Honeymoon Destination

Ready to jump off the beaten track? Norway is our next winter honeymoon destination that offers an adventure for lovers. One of the most obvious draws to the Arctic Circle might be the majestic Northern Lights, but Norway offers much more.

In Tromso, Norway, you’ll find a city off the beaten path that still offers high-end accommodations. ou can visit the cutest huskies that are training for racing and whilehile you’re at it, why not take a husky ride through snow covered mountains?

5) Banff, Canada

Best Banff Canada Winter Honeymoon Destination

Canada for a honeymoon? Yes! Located in Alberta, Banff is an unbelievable gem of winter wilderness you’ll want to visit one day, whether it’s on your winter honeymoon or on another trip. 

With jaw-dropping views of mountains and clear blue waters, Banff will not disappoint. You’ll find snow-capped mountains, unbelievable skiing, and other worldly glaciers. Add in luxurious accommodations and hot springs and you have yourself a nearly unbeatable experience to celebrate, relax, and be awestruck with your partner. 

6) Queenstown, New Zealand

Best Queenstown New Zealand Winter Honeymoon Destination

Perhaps not widely thought of as a winter destination, Queentown in New Zealand is perfect for Northern Hemisphere dwellers to escape the heat of summer to this lovely city soaked with charm. Known as the adventure capital of the world, there are tons of fun activities to do like glacier hiking, skiing, or upgrade and go heliskiing. Queenstown, New Zealand is a great choice for your winter honeymoon adventure. 

7) Lapland, Finland

Best Lapland Finland Winter Honeymoon Destination

The last but certainly not least winter honeymoon destination on our list is Lapland, Finland. If it’s a snowy wonderland that you’re searching for, the Lapland region fits the bill. Located in Northern Finland, you’ll find activities few places offer like staying in an igloo hotel. take a husky tour or a reindeer sleigh ride.

The mysterious and beautiful Northern Lights are visible on most clear nights from September to March… Did we mention the Northern Lights are some of the most beautiful natural sights on the planet? 

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August 02, 2021 — Katie Platt