Gift ideas for your Mother-in-law

Gift Ideas for your Mother-in-law 

National Mother-in-Law Day is right around the corner (Sunday, Oct. 25) and what better day to honor the special woman who raised the love of your life. No matter how well you know your mother-in-law, giving the perfect gift is always a little bit tricky.  So we did some research and came up with five gift ideas that might make it easier for you.

Whether your mother-in-law loves a sense of adventure or creativity, there must be something that goes beyond her wildest expectations. Here are some experiences that give her the choice of having a little alone time or with another person (or several).

Five gift ideas every mother-in-law will enjoy!

1. Botanical Garden Membership

If nature of any kind is what your mother-in-law enjoys most, then a membership to a botanical garden is the greatest idea. Not only is it something she can do more than one time, depending on the kind of weather, but the gardens change with the season giving her a new perspective each time. Most botanical gardens additionally offer events that are included with the membership, something she can enjoy with your family (or her friends) as well.

2. Spa Day

There is nothing better than a day of pampering. Your mother-in-law can unwind with a relaxing day at the spa. There are many combination options from facial, massage, manicure, and everything else in between. What better way to feel loved is there than being given the chance for pampering oneself? Items used during her spa day are available for purchase. Another added bonus could be gifting her a basket filled full of spa goodies.

3. Ballroom Dancing Lessons

If your mother-in-law is the life of the party, then this is the gift for her! Ballroom dancing classes are a great way for learning new skills while spending time exercising and making new acquaintances. Between the laughter, bonding and dancing, she will come out of the lessons being the life of the next family gathering, and a better ballroom dancer with any partner.

4. Boat Day Away

Whether it’s for the ocean waves or bright sun, the ocean (or lake) is always on the list of best ways to spend a relaxing day. Charter a boat for your mother-in-law’s day and enjoy the endless fun available with your family. If a boat day is what she wants, pair the experience with the Bliss-On Long Embroidered Cover-Up. It features a mesh fabric with delicate edging, giving her beautiful attire for viewing a sunset on the water.  In this robe, she is sure to shine in the photos for the memory book.  

5. Theatre Tickets

Let your mother-in-law explore the theatre scene in your city. Whether you get one performance or an entire season, both high schools and performing art centers have great productions available for the public. Make sure you get a set of tickets so she can bring a friend or spouse to enjoy the evening. 

You are bound to delight your mother-in-law, or future mother-in-law, with any of these gift ideas, which can also be birthday or holiday gifts. Show her how much you care about her and are excited to officially be a part of her family.

We'd love to hear your ideas on thoughtful gifts for a mother-in-law. Let us know by commenting below.

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October 22, 2020 — Katie Platt